New Book Upcoming: DT466E Inframe Rebuild Guide

This is not a general repair guide, nor is it a superficial how - to book. It contains all the information you will need to do a successful inframe on the DT466E. It also has a few tricks I have learned or developed over the years that will make the job easier and faster. Some of the information in this book will not be found in any other literature or online resource.
Most of the information is very specific to the DT466E.
It contains no diagnostic information, other than a few issues that could be found upon disassembly.
The book explains the inframe rebuild procedure as a step by step process. All content needed for each part of the rebuild is provided with that step, so there is no paging back and forth trying to find information.

The content of the book includes:
Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Tools and recommendations
Section 3: Notes on the DT466E EGR
Section4: Specifications and torques
Section 5: Parts lists
Section 6: The inframe rebuild process
Section 7: More images
Section 8: Help contact

This is the cover:

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