What do you do when your truck stops running, runs poorly, or the check engine light comes on? 

Do you take it to the dealer and pay dealer prices? Do you take it to a do-it-all shop and hope they can find and fix the problem? Maybe you put up with a poor running truck because you just don’t have time to take it out of service?

My name is Bruce, and I have an option for you. I can come to you with a well-equipped service truck and do many engine repairs onsite. You can also bring your truck to me for repair. Either way, you will get a quality repair at an unequaled price. 


By narrowly specializing in repair of International Navistar and Cummins engines, Blue Bee can do engine repairs more efficiently and at lower cost  than can general repair shops or dealers.

Please note: I am still in the process of getting this business off the ground, and hope to be in operation soon after the first of the year. In the meantime, feel free to email me if you should need help with a problem. Check back here often for updates.